Current Exhibition


An exhibition of contemporary painting featuring work by –

Stephen Carley, Alison J Carr, Nick Grindrod, Warren Hayes, David Jones, Rita Kaisen, Mandy Payne, Stephen Todd, Kate Whateley, and Sean Williams

Curated by – Sean Williams

‘For a Burning Love’ is an exhibition that celebrates and demonstrates the breadth of contemporary painting.  It encompasses highly-detailed realism and gestural abstraction, paintings that are almost sculptures and photographs interrupted by the introduction of paint.

In this way ‘For a Burning Love’ questions what a painting might be and so, in turn, questions our fixed ideas about most things.

In essence, the act of painting is a simple one.  Yet there are so many creative decisions to be made in the process that the artist’s relationship with their work thus becomes increasingly complex.  ‘For a Burning Love’ may also offer a clue into why artists choose to use paint over other media to express their ideas and explore possibilities.  Each artist has been invited to participate because of their unique approach to painting.

Curatorially, something interesting happens when a painting that shares qualities with a silkscreen print is hung next to, say, a painting where the author’s hand is evident; or when an almost scientifically analytical painting of a pebble is set against one of a stormy harbour in which the paint threatens to take over and consume the imagery. ‘For a Burning Love’ aims to further highlight these differences.

A blog featuring a series of interviews with the artists accompanies the exhibition.  The interviews offer an insight into the ideas, influences and processes of painters today. This is available at